Top 5 Designer Towel Rails.

When it comes to bathroom refurbishments most customers have a hard time deciding which bathroom fittings to buy. I have therefore decided to devote a few entries in our blog to pinpoint a few of the bathroom fittings that I would recommend when carrying out a bathroom refurbishment in London.


As the title of this article will tell you, I have decided to list a few of the towel rails that I have come across which I find aesthetically pleasing bearing in mind that the current trend in towel rails dictates a square or at least a flat panel look. The criteria for the list below are as follows: They should 1) be in line with the current trend, 2) look good in most bathrooms, and 3) still remain timeless when the current trend comes to an end.


1. First up is the Aeon Cat Ladder Towel Rail:



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Aquavista Panoramic Aquarium as part of a renovation?

As part of a renovation in Highgate London, we had to get rid of an old aquarium. In this context our customer was contemplating buying a new one, but since he could not find anything which matched the new interior he decided not to have one installed after all.


However, over Christmas I had a bit of time to browse the net, and suddenly I found this:




The Aquavista Panoramic Aquarium basically looks like a wall-mounted plasma TV. It is stylish but does not dominate the room. (That is, unless you want it to of course, in which case you just buy some blue corals and a couple of bright green fish, and you are off.)

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OpenSun Conservatories

We have installed a fair number of conservatories, and it is my opinion that they generally speaking don't add much value to a house. Yes, they may give you some extra square meters of sun light, but generally speaking they are not very pretty and more importantly they are not looked upon as habitable space when it comes to a house sale. Mostly I recommend our customers that they consider building a house extension instead.


However, while I was surfing the net, I suddenly stumbled upon a French manufacturer of conservatories, OpenSun. Quite a revelation. I think the photos speak for themselves, but imagine a conservatory made of floor to ceiling glass panels, effectively giving you an outdoor room. It is beautifully crafted and the rounded design appeals to me aesthetically. The design is circular which is unusual, but the best feature is definitely that it folds back so that the encircled area becomes an outside area at a click off a button. Although not an estate agent, I am pretty sure that this will add value to your house.


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European Heritage - Little known, but well worth a visit.

This week I am going to write an article about a little known shop in Fulham, London, namely European Heritage.



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Trends in the High End segment of the construction industry.

To those of you not familiar with refurbishments, you will be surprised to hear that construction work is a bit like fashion. It may be more slow moving, but basically the trends change all the time. One moment people want to have spotlights, then they want soft wall iighting. Six years ago people wanted to have transparent oiled oak planks. This was followed by five years of people going crazy over walnut. Although this trend still prevails in some aspect of carpentry, when it comes to flooring this trend is definitely on the retreat. We have worked with a number of architects over the last couple of years, (more specifically David Rea Architects and DDWH Architects  Ltd.), and they are both moving towards grey tones in everything they do.


We just finished a total refurbishment of an apartment in West Hampstead. I will write about that particular project in detail in another blog, as it deserves to have an article in its own right. This article, however, is more to do with the above mentioned trend and a comparison between a few suppliers of plank flooring in general. So, for this particular project DDWH Architects Ltd. had specified a Grey Oak from Ecora. We probably lay 30 floors a years, and as usual, I was just expecting a standard plank. However, when it arrived, I was positively surprised by the quality, colour, width/length of the board itself.

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Preisler Construction Ltd. featured in 25 Beautiful Homes, August issue.

So, we were featured in the magazine 25 Beautiful Homes on page 148-153 for a property renovation we did for Julie and Dan Harriss five years ago in Chiswick. Basically the whole house was refurbished from top to bottom adding a loft conversion and a house extension in the process.


"Despite her careful spending, Julie could not resist splashing out on a few bespoke finishes. These include the new walnut flooring for the living area, a large chest of drawers for her bedroom, and also some handsome vanity units for the bathroom. The units were all made by Interior Designer Martin Preisler, who Julie says was a major source of inspiration. "He even created some striking walnut splashbacks in the kitchen which are faced with glass to protect the wood." She says.

Luckily for us, Preisler Construction Ltd. is referred to four times next to the photos of our work. Before going any further, I am just going to show you a photo of the kitchen and the house extension.


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I just had to upload this chair I found on Coroflots website which is all about . I love the curves, the size and dynamics of the chair. It reminds of a Porsche 911 just in a chair format. Having looked at a all the photos, I am less sure about the quality of the workmanship, (or the fabric), which has gone into making this chair. The seams looks a bit weak and that is something I would definitely query before buying it. Also, I am not sure about the size of it. You really will require a massive living room in order to house this baby. (Which is a luxury most Londoner's don't have, I might add.)

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So, it is time for a a little update, and I'll just highlight the some of the more interesting works we have completed so far this.

In January we completed Molly & Max vet pratice in Fulham. Ella Massy-Green the owner bought the place in July of 2009, and had hired TGN Architect's to help with the design and planning of the place. As we have worked with Nick Timson from TGN on multiple occasions it was a seamless job taking approximately 6 months.

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Well, first of all, a warm welcome to the Preisler Construction Ltd. website. We have had it for close to six years, but admittedly, we have not put a lot of emphasis on making it a worthwhile place to visit until now. This is primarily because we do get our work from people finding us on the web, but rather from personal recommendations.


Times are changing even in the construction sector, (hard to believe, but that is the case), and so I decided that it was time for us to revamp our website so that you, the visitor, at least have something pretty to look at when stopping by. Our Blog should also give you a good indication, as to the contracts we have done in the past and the ones we are working on at the moment.


As for the actual website it is still under construction as we are just getting our portfolio and the flash part of our website in order.

Hopefully you will check back soon, at which time you should also find a post on the history and early beginnings of the company. Signing off for now.

Martin Preisler

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