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Time for yet another blog post. This time about wall lamps that we find are exceptionally well designed and will look awesome in most homes. Yup, running a team of London builders does have its perks. We get to talk about design, and actually force feed our opinions to our customers. Just kidding. Here we go:

Source: B&Q

It may actually just look like a white brick to you, but my first wall lamp is a bit of a trade secret. Why, you may ask? Well, one of the great things about the Melody Square Wall Light is that it is ceramic, and can be painted the same colour of the wall, which makes it close to invisible. Besides that the glow coming from this lamp is both welcoming and and warm. But perhaps, best of all, is the price. At £13.48, this up-and-down light is a steal whether you live in Buckingham Palace or in a trailer somewhere. It will work anywhere. What are you waiting for? Trust me, go and get it!

Source: Artek BS912 Wall Lamp

This beautiful piece of art, was simply called the Artek BS912 Wall Lamp when it came into production all the way back in 1976. Designed by the amazingly creative Ben Af Shulten, I can not imagine having anything much cooler than this in my bedroom. However, come to think it, this white painted aluminum light fixture would actually also work really well in the livingroom. I have not been able to find any available in London, but I am sure if you click the link underneath the photo and ask the manufacturer politely, they'll tell you can get a hold of a couple. Judging by US prices they will come in at around £ 315-400.

Source: David Weeks Studio

I am bit confused as to whether this sconce is available anymore or not. I ought to contact David Weeks to find out, (and I may well do so at a later stage), but, for the time being I will leave it up to you to find out more about this particular wall light. I like the futuristic rounded design, and see no reason why this shouldn't be mass produced. I am sure a lot of people would buy if it was just accessible. No price available.

Source: Anta's Zac light

Berlin based designer and artist Frank Oehring, named this minimalistic designed lamp Anta's Zac light. With a fluorescent light strip in the back this wall lamp produces a soft glowing light which will warm up any bedroom. Modern and unobtrusive. Expect to pay around £530 from shipped in from Europe.

Source: A+A Cooren

Did I say that David Week's sconce was futuristic? Well, A+A Coren takes it a step further with this sculpted up light. Produced by Artemides you know it is a quality product. I can see this being used in both domestic and residential developments. Enough said.

Source: F L O S

Going out on a limp here, I am not entirely sure I even like this particular wall lamp designed by Antonio Citterio and Toan Nguyen. So, why have I included it? Well, see, I like the idea of a glass brick, and could see them being recessed into an exposed brick wall. The dimensions are of course not the same as a normal brick, but I am pretty sure, used in the right environment, these lights could be used as a feature. The body of the lamp is made from transparent molded glass and the light is diffused by a prismatic filter. The downside to this wall light is the price tag. 256 GBP from Heal's, which I find is very expensive for the industrial light it produces. Bottomline is, I do like the idea of the design, but would I buy it ? No.



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